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Individual Intensive Support Services (IISS)

One-on-one support to meet your child's individual needs

Full Bloom Therapeutics’ Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS) technicians provide intensive, one-on-one supportive interventions to a participant with autism.  We allow our technicians to work either as the sole care provider for one participant or as a member of a team of care providers assigned to a participant.  IISS is based on a treatment plan specifically individualized for a participant, developed by a professional with parental participation.  That treatment plan can involve the care provider focusing on a variety of activities such as: preventing or diffusing crises, promoting developmental and social skills growth, providing behavior management skills, giving a sense of security and safety, assisting with maintaining self-sufficiency and impulse control, improving positive self-expression and interpersonal communication, improving the ability to function and cooperate in the home and community, reversing negative behaviors and attitudes, and fostering stabilization and structure.

All of the activities will ensure to incorporate achievement of each participant’s personal goals as outlined in their plan.  These activities are provided to alleviate the requirement a more restrictive residential placement for the participant.

Full Bloom Therapeutics also believe that families should have a say in the individual hired to work with their child, and therefore we provide each family the opportunity to be involved in the hiring/selection process to ensure a good fit right from the start.

Our IISS Process

Below outlines the steps that Full Bloom Therapeutics follows to ensure the forward progress of the participants we support.

IISS Plan Creation

The IISS plan is drafted by a professional with parental participation.

Plan Engagement

The plan is executed by trained technicians and progress is monitored and communicated.

Progress Monitoring

Participant’s are monitored to ensure achievement of goals outlined in the plan.