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Full Bloom Therapeutics is a licensed Autism service provider through the Maryland Medical Assistance Autism Waiver Program.  We are committed to providing top-tier support to individuals with autism and their families.  We ensure the utmost focus is placed on each and every participant we support, with the ultimate goal of providing them every opportunity to gain a greater sense of independence and the best quality of life.

We provide a range of services which support participants experiencing challenges in various aspects of their lives.  We intensely analyze every participant’s progress to ensure the appropriate level of support is provided to encourage their development and growth.

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The Maryland Medical Assistance Autism Waiver Program

The Maryland Medical Assistance Autism Waiver Program, operating since July 2001, waives certain income requirements for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families so that they can be eligible to receive home and community-based services to help them function with greater independence.

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